NEW 2022 HOW TO VIDEO THAT REPLACES THIS ONE! Demo Website: [SERVICES USED] Domains: Hosting: Purchase Template: Entry List Plugin: Analytics: [PAYMENT GATEWAY] Trust Payments: [Link in the description] Step by step EasyWP External Domain: EasyWP External Godaddy Domain: 00:00:00 Intro 00:04:14 Raffle Website Overview 00:09:43 Domain, Hosting & WordPress Setup 00:14:30 Purchase & Template Install 00:20:17 Users & Emails 00:25:11 Colour Scheme 00:29:03 Adding New Pages & Content 00:33:00 Terms and conditions + Privacy 00:37:56 Change Logo 00:39:29 Adding competitions 00:53:54 Extending Competitions 00:58:12 Adding Entry Lists Plugin 01:02:30 Adding Winners 01:06:28 Payment Gateway 01:19:07 Email & SSL Certificate 01:23:34 Google Analytics This raffle website tutorial is for anyone who wants to create their own competition website online with no experience or an intermediate level. It’s easy so just follow the steps in the video! Want to use the #1 best Raffle / Competition or Lottery wordpress template theme & plugins? Meet the DIY Raffle Website. In this raffle / Competition Tutorial, you will learn how to create a raffle website with wordpress. By The end of this commerce tutorial, you will have your own skill based competition website running with wordpress! This is a step by step tutorial on how to make a raffle website and competition website! Its 2021, no more expensive websites! You are going to learn how to create an amazing raffle website without all the details you need to worry about and modern style wordpress website, so watch this video on How To Create A Raffle / Competition Website With WordPress 2021 and your website will running in a few hours!

33 thoughts on “How To Create A Competition / Raffle WordPress Website 2021 Facebook (Easy For Beginners)

  1. £1,737.60 £1,017.60 inc. VAT for only Template ? u should tell us this on video before really. guys. if you do not have enough money, be carful.

    1. Hello the template alone is £395 including VAT. I agree, if you cannot afford the template, please do not buy it as you will not be able to afford to build a skill based competition business.

  2. Hi Ryan, wow, what a brilliant tutorial, can i ask how do we deal with postal entries, how do we add them to the site and draw?

    1. Thanks, Ryan, just going back to the free postal options, understood, could we also send them the coupon code, so they process the free entry themselves, set the coupon issue to 1, really so contestants read and accept the terms and conditions.

  3. I have a question I’m trying to have people buy my merch and sell raffle tickets through that. But I don’t have the inventory and was going to create drop shipping. How do I merge that site with that. Or sell my products for raffle tickets?

  4. Just found your channel, I’m a local lad too, I’ll be following step by step….
    Any further updates or changes you would recommend?

    Also, I’ve a Facebook page (same name as my YouTube channel) if you’re up for the odd PM rather than in the comments I’d appreciate it 😃👍

    1. @GET FOUND NI perfect, thanks for getting back to me! 😃
      I’m flat out in work but will get a look later 💪🏼👍

  5. Sir how to make complete complete website and put backup how to change more front in it help m sir

  6. Can You add a little script/machíne that shows available tickets, suggest random tickets, allow to choose what ticket to participate

  7. Hi Ryan, is it possible to replace the ‘Competition Ends’ with ‘Draw date announced at xxx tickets sold’? Cheers

  8. can you help me with my site and i want to do a QR code on posters in thing as well so let me know if you help please and that.

  9. So is this a plugin we can download to our existing wordpress site? or something we have to buy from you and host through your system?

  10. I’ll buy the template if you ever have a good promotion on it or discount let me know 😉

    1. There is a discount on at the moment, 20% off the DIY plus package that contains all template and all the extra plugins!

  11. Hey Ryan do you have a time limit on when you will be selling your raffle template or is it continuous?

    1. @GET FOUND NI ok awesome thank you and the £395 package is all I need along with following the youtube tutorial?

    2. That’s it! There are optional extras in other videos but to get started that’s all you need!

    3. @GET FOUND NI cheers Ryan and further down the line once I’m established and getting business can I add the extras to improve the site?

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