Learn how to make a website with WordPress step by step in this easy-to-follow tutorial for beginners. Download the Free Template and follow along to customize your site exactly how you like! Get a Discounted Domain Name & Hosting for Your Website: FREE TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD: TIMESTAMPS —————————————– 00:00 – Intro 01:34 – Step 1: Get a Domain Name & Hosting 10:01 – Step 2: Install WordPress 18:03 – Step 3: Install a Theme 20:36 – Step 4: Install Plugins 23:22 – Step 5: Practive with Elementor 23:37 – Make a Homepage 27:18 – Elementor Overview 42:34 – Step 6: Import Template 45:16 – Step 7: Customize Your Website 45:58 – Change Template Global Colors 49:19 – Hero Section 59:23 – About Section 01:01:44 – Mission Section 01:04:11 – Services Section 01:08:49 – Departments Section 01:12:15 – Testimonial Section 01:16:03 – Contact Section 01:20:24 – Make a Contact Form 01:22:39 – Contact Form Notifications 01:23:52 – Add Contact Form to Homepage 01:25:37 – Social Icons 01:27:28 – Step 8: Customize Your Header & Footer 01:28:26 – Create a FREE Logo 01:35:19 – Add Logo to Header 01:36:30 – Transparent Header 01:37:55 – Edit Your Navigation Menu 01:42:12 – Header Layout 01:43:41 – Header Style 01:45:29 – Edit Your Footer 01:47:55 – Step 9: Mobile Responsiveness 01:55:11 – Bonus Step 02:01:46 – Final Site Review RELATED BLOG POST —————————————–

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19 thoughts on “How to Make a Website with WordPress in 2022 + FREE Template Download

  1. Hello, thank you for this detailed video. Can I use same process to create a website for a restaurant

  2. Just to clarify, once I publish the website, I can still make changes, add pages, and create more blogposts right? Thank you for any help. Your videos are very helpful for someone just starting out with making complex websites and not using something like

    1. Yes you can! You can always make changes to your site even after you publish it

  3. I created a website with your template, but when I finished it and I looked for it in another pc the first part and the “services” part don’t show up. There only a logo and a blank space. Why is that?

  4. Hi, I have an issue. After following WordPress login via Softaculous, I did everything as you, it wont let me on my wp admin (says; site can’t be reached), on hostgator is ‘provisioning in process’ their support doesn’t answer. Domain is billed from my account. Please help 🙂

    1. How long has it been since you purchased your domain and hosting? If you are getting a “site can’t be reached” then you probably just have to wait on your propogation first. I usually cut out my propogation time from the videos to save time but it can take up to a day or two sometimes to fully propogate to all servers around the world. Unfortunately, you just have to sit tight and wait for it to be done.
      Have you tried Hostgator Live Chat Support? They have always answered almost immediately. It’s much faster than calling them. But I assume they will tell you the same thing. That your site is just propogating.
      Hope this helps

    1. You have to get your domain and hosting. After that, I am saving you all the work of creating a site from scratch by providing you the site template for free. Link is in the description.

  5. You are an incredible communicator!! This was extremely helpful as someone who just stepped into a communications role at a church, with no background or training in WordPress. Starting from the beginning stages has been so helpful in learning how websites work and different plugins, despite having an already “established” site. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTENT!!!

    1. I’m wanting to redesign some of the current pages on my site, but want to take my time and keep the current pages in their theme/design before publishing their replacements. Is it possible to create new pages (unpublished) in a different theme without changing the theme of currently published pages?
      Also, is there a plug-in that you’d recommend for banners? I’d like to be able to schedule a banner to start and stop over a certain timeline without manually going in to change it. Meaning it could be set to appear for a few days or couple weeks until the information is adopted or no longer relevant. This would be for timely announcements such as cancelled events, change of meeting location, times/updated-hours, whatever I want visitors to notice when they jump on to the site looking for a current update.
      Thank you thank you thank you!!! ❤

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