Exactly how To Make a WordPress Website|Wordpress Tutorial for Beginners|Elementor Tutorial In Hindi
In this WordPress Hindi tutorial, we will certainly develop a WordPress site in Hindi from scrape. This WordPress Hindi blog site will certainly show you all WordPress subjects in one solitary video clip!
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► TimeStamps:
00:00– Introduction to this set video clip training course
01:00– Final Website Demo
05:29– Downloading & Installing XAMPP
08:40– Downloading & Installing WordPress
15:36– Creating Database for our WordPress Site
16:30– Configuring WordPress
20:46– WordPress Dashboard
22:25– Posts in WordPress
34:29– General Settings of WordPress
35:44– Themes: Appearance of WordPress Site
38:05– Plugins in WordPress
41:45– Downloading styles for WordPress Site
43:25– Pages in WordPress
53:11– WordPress Menus
01:03:35– Customizing WordPress Site
01:13:41– Installing brand-new plugins to WordPress
01:25:53– Creation of Pro Looking Website
01:30:23– Customizing Astra Theme
01:34:43– Editing Site With Elementor
02:35:47– Hosting for website
02:40:14– Hosting Website Using DigitalOcean
02:47:57– Domain of Website
02:52:00– Configuring WordPress Website
03:00:23– Why VPS Hosting and also Digital Ocean
03:07:09– Final Look of Website
03:07:45– Free SSL Certificate
03:10:44– Where to go from right here
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Elementor Tutorial In Hindi
In this WordPress Hindi tutorial, we will certainly develop a WordPress site in Hindi from scrape. This WordPress Hindi blog site will certainly show you all WordPress subjects in one solitary video clip!

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  1. Creating a WordPress website for free is possible and you can do it very easily. I see many people and websites online telling viewers that there is no way to make a wordpress website other than buying their hosting; Well this is not true!
    Not all but few people might trick you into buying some shared hosting plan which is useless if you get a lot of visitors.
    So hosting aur domain tab hi khareedna jab website ban jaaye aur website pe kuch posts likh lo aur hosting karne ki achhi wajah ho. Maine is tarah ki bahut galtiyaan kari hain life mei.
    Also try karna ki hosting jo bhi khareedo wo scalable ho taaki jab visitors bad jaaye to website easily scale up kar paao.
    Is baare me video mei bhi aur baat kari hai to video poora dekhna. Bahut time aur mehnat lagi banane mei!
    Thanks for all the love and support!

    1. mai nai bht try kia bs ju blog bana hai wh khul rha hai wordpress ka dash board nhi arha hai

  2. Thanks Sir Harry 🤩🤩🤩! You are the best mentor. Like always your tutorials are getting better and to the point. I appreciate your work. Thanks again Sir! 😉😉😉

  3. After this my money started getting deducted automatically. how can i stop this otherwise how can i remove card details from digital ocean please tell me.. if anyone know how to do it please let me know…

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